Cup Competitions

 Quarter final - Handicap cup. To be played by 23rd February 2019

 108 Thornton CCC A v Carleton B
Prebond A v Mythop B 126
Thornton CCC v Thornton CCC B 180
216 Norcross G v Norcross B

All Divisional Cup Matches

Matches won score 1 point for the team.
Final scores will be 5-4, 7-2, 9-0 etc. as in previous seasons.

Semi final - Division cups. To be played by 9th March 2019

 Premier Division
Carleton v St Thomas
Norcross A v Mythop leisure

1st Division
Carleton B v Holy Trinity A
Carleton C v Moor Park A

2nd Division
Norcross E v Prebond B
Thornton CCC D v Thornton CCC B

 2nd round Cup Match Results 

Please note the change to rule 22 g) agreed at this years league AGM

22 g) In the team knock-out competitions, the home team have seven days after receiving notification to contact the away team and offer them two alternative days on which to play the match.  If the away team is not contacted by the home team within this time limit they are entitled, is they so wish, to claim the benefit of being at home, make contact with and offer two alternative days to their opponents. Clubs should endeavour to use the Fixture List free weeks set aside for cup games and any other gaps in their fixtures.

For the first round cup matches, notification will be given at the league Secretaries meeting on Thursday 30th August 2018 
2017 - 2018 Finals
Played on Wednesday 4th April 2018 at Palatine Leisure Centre
Blackpool Table Tennis Cup Finals 2018

Gazette Cup

Carleton first team were triumphant in this year’s final against Fleetwood Bowling Club. The Carleton team of Martin Ireland, Brian Oldfield and Phil Crankshaw were too strong for the Fleetwood Bowling Club team of Kieron Beswick, Roy Honeyman and John Lynch. The result was a six games to nil victory to Carleton with Brian, Martin and Phil winning two each for Carleton.

Hughes Cup

Mythop A played Thornton Cleveleys Cricket Club, with Thornton CCC coming through as the stronger team on the night to win 6 - 3, Thornton CCC were represented by Joel Richards, Keith Owers and Mick Foulkes, Mick and Joel winning three games each. Mythop A was Steve Foster, Paul Swinnerton and Jon Doyle, all winning one game each.

Parker Cup

Norcross E met Mythop B in a very close fought division two final which went to the last game for Mythop B to take the win 5 - 4 . The Mythop B team was John Collins, John Schofield and Andrew Powl, John Schofield won three and Andy Powl won two for Mythop. Norcross E team were represented by Tony Houghton, Mike Crankshaw and Brian Grist. Mike Crankshaw winning two and Brian Grist and Tony Houghton winning one each. Well played to both teams.

Played at Moor Park Leisure Centre
on Friday 6th April 2018
Handicap Cup

This year’s final was a very close fought match with the lead changing several times during the night, Carleton (Les Richmond, Phil Crankshaw and Martin Ireland) were playing Carleton A (Ron Bennett, Chloe Ireland and Chris Nebard), Carleton A having 90 points start, it all came down to the final match of the night between Phil Crankshaw and Chris Nebard, Chris needed 30 points to win by 1 point, Phil won 6,6,4,4 to take the win for Carleton. Carleton winning 372 points to 363 points. Well played both teams.