Cup Competitions

All divisional cup matches
Matches won score 1 point for the team.
Final scores will be 5-4, 7-2, 9-0 etc. as in previous seasons.
Finals night is on Wednesday 4th April 2018
At Palatine Leisure Centre
Starting at 7:00pm PROMPT
Tables available for practice from 6:30pm
Handicap Cup Semi Finals to be played by 24th March 2018
St Thomas  +72 v Carleton A
Carleton  396 v Holy Trinity C  +252  356
Handicap Cup Quarter Finals to be played by 4th March 2018
bye v Holy Trinity C
Mythop Leisure B  +234  344 v Carleton A  396
Holy Trinity B  +252 388 v Carleton  394
St Thomas w/o v Prebond  +144 Conceeded
Semi Final Cup matches to be played by 24th March 2018
Premier Division
Fleetwood BC v Mythop Leisure
Carleton 7 v Carleton A 0
1st Division
Mythop Leisure A  5 v Holy Trinity A  1
Thornton CCC  8 v Prebond B  1
2nd Division
Norcross D  0 v Norcross E  9
Mythop Leisure B 5 v Moor Park B 4
2nd Round Handicap cup matches to be played by 31st December 2017
Norcross B  +180 Conceeded  v Carleton w/o
Holy Trinity B  339  Scr v Norcross E  Scr  300
Carleton A  384 v Mythop A  +126  367
St Thomas  394 v Mythop C  +252  382
bye v Prebond
Holy Trinity Conceeded v Holy Trinity C  +126  w/o
Mythop B  394  +198 v Norcross  385
Moor Park Forfeited v Fleetwood BC  +90  Forfeited
2nd Round cup matches to be played by 16th December 2017
Premier division
Carleton  6 v South Shore CC  0
Fleetwood BC  6 v Moor Park  0
Carleton A v bye
Mythop Leisure v bye
1st division
bye v Thornton CCC
Prebond A  1 v Mythop Leisure A  5
Prebond B v bye
Holy Trinity A v bye
2nd division
Mythop Leisure B 5 v Carleton C 4
Norcross C  Conceeded v Moor Park B  w/o
bye v Norcross D
Norcross E v bye
1st Round cup matches to be played week commencing 25th September 2017
 Premier division
Norcross 2 v Carleton 7
Prebond 1 v Carleton A 8
South Shore CC w/o v Norcross A Conceeded
St Thomas 4 v Mythop Leisure 5
Moor Park 5 v Holy Trinity 4
Fleetwood BC v bye
1st division
Thornton CCC 6 v Carleton B 3
Prebond B 8 v Thornton CCC A 1
Mythop Leisure w/o A v Norcross B conceeded
Fleetwood BC A 2 v Prebond A 5
Moor Park A 3 v Holy Trinity A 6
2nd division
Carleton C 6 v Mythop Leisure C 0
Norcross D 7 v Holy Trinity B 2
Norcross C 5 v Thornton CCC C 4
Holy Trinity C 3 v Norcross E 6
Strawberry Gardens 2 v Moor Park B 7
Thornton CCC B 2 v Mythop Leisure B 7
1st Round Handicap cup matches to be played week commencing 23rd October 2017
Prebond w/o v Norcross C  +216 Conceeded
Holy Trinity C  +18 322 v Carleton C 266
Thornton CCC C +306 395 v Carleton 396
Fleetwood BC  +54 334 v Holy Trinity A 320
Carleton A  +36 388 v Mythop Leisure 299
Norcross 396 v Thornton CCC B +252 358
Mythop C  +126 365 v Moor Park B 354
Prebond B  +36 335 Conceeded v Norcross B 335 w/o
Thornton CCC A  +108 323 v Mythop A 392
Holy Trinity w/o v Prebond A  +108 Conceeded
Carleton B 352 v Norcross E  +126 406
Moor Park 396 v Norcross D  +144 318
St Thomas Scr 316 v Norcross A Scr 313
Thornton CCC 389 v Holy Trinity B +180 391
Mythop B  +108 390 v Moor Park A 338
2016 - 2017 Finals
Played on Wednesday 5th April 2017 at Palatine Leisure Centre
Blackpool Table Tennis Cup Finals 2017

Gazette Cup

Carleton first team were triumphant in this year’s final against Moor Park. The Carleton team of Martin Ireland, Les Richmond and Phil Crankshaw were too strong for the Moor Park team of Daniel Jackson, James Garbett and Robert Garbett. The result was a five games to one victory to Carleton with Les and Phil winning two each for Carleton and Martin winning one, James winning one for Moor Park.

Hughes Cup

Prebond played Moor Park A, with Moor Park A coming through as the stronger team on the night to win 6 - 3, Prebond were represented by Dave Hill, Keith Lakin and Brian Carter, Dave winning two games, Brian winning one game. Moor Park A team was Brian Jackson, Malcolm Jackson and Ged Power, with Malcolm winning three games, Brian winning two and Ged winning one.                                                            

Parker Cup

SSLTC A met Carleton C in the division two final which SSLTC A won 7 games to 2. The SSLTC A team was Steve Troy, John Turpin and Manusz Paluka, Carleton C team were represented by Linda Shields, Ken Hughes and Taran Che. Steve Troy winning three games, Manusz and John won two games each for SSLTC A. Taran winning two for Carleton C team, well played to both teams.

Handicap Cup

This year’s final was between Mythop B and Thornton CCC. Mythop B being represented by John Collins, Andrew Powl and Neil Munro, Thornton CC was Mick Foulkes, Kevin Clarkson and Keith Owers. Mythop B having 126 points start, Thornton CCC B winning 377 points to 345 points. Well played both teams.