Constitution & Rules

(affiliated to Table Tennis England & L.T.T.A.)


1. Name

13. Ranking Lists

2. Officers

14. Match Play

3. Executive Committee

15. League Divisions

4. Powers of the Executive Committee

16. Postponements of Matches

5. Emergency Committee

17. Complaints, Protests and Appeals

6. Annual General Meeting

18. League Badges

7. Special General Meetings

19. Honorary Life Members

8. Club Membership

20. Cups and Trophies

9. Clubrooms and Playing Equipment

21. Miscellaneous

10. Duties of Club Secretaries

22. Other League Competitions

11. Registration of Players

23. Executive Committee Comments

12. Transfers of Players

24. Guide to Club Secretaries and Players


This association of Table Tennis Clubs shall be called the Blackpool and District Table Tennis League and shall be affiliated to Table Tennis England and L.T.T.A. Return to Top>


The officers of the League shall be: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. General Secretary, Hon. Fixture Secretary, Hon. Registration Secretary, Hon. Tournament Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Town Team Secretaries (as required), Hon. Social Secretary, Hon. Press Officer,        Hon. Development Officer and Hon. Junior Representative. Return to Top>


a) The League shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the of­ficers of the League with the addition of four other members elected by the Annual General Meeting.

b) No member of another Town's League Executive Committee may stand for a position on the Blackpool League Executive Committee, other than as an elected member and no member of the Blackpool League Executive Committee may hold a position other than as an elected member on any other League Executive Com­mittee.

c) The Executive Committee shall meet:

1) As decided by the Chairman and the Hon. General Secretary.

2) At the request of three members of the Executive Committee addressed in writing to the Hon. General Secretary.

3) As arranged at the previous Executive Committee meeting.

d) The quorum for the Executive Committee shall be five members.

e) Each member shall have one vote and the Chairman an additional casting vote, except in cases concerning their own club when they shall leave the room before the vote is taken. Return to Top>


The Executive Committee shall have power to:

a) Appoint a President, Vice Presidents and L.T.T.A. Representative.

b) Co-opt for any special purpose any representatives of the member Clubs and/or persons, being members other than representatives.

c) Create (until the next Annual General Meeting) any other office and fill any vacant office or position on the Executive Committee as they occur.

d) Accept direct affiliations to the League from individuals at a fee of £1.00 per person per year.

e) Fine Clubs and/or deduct sets won as laid down in other rules. Such fines may be deducted from the deposit in the absence of direct payment.

f) Suspend any Club, Official, member or player and deal with any irregularities, emergencies or matters not provided for in these rules. In all matters their decision shall be final, except under appeal to the L.T.T.A. and Table Tennis England. Return to Top>


An Emergency Committee consisting of the Hon. General Secretary and/or Chairman and any other two members of the Executive Committee shall have power to act in an emergency, any action taken being reported to the next meeting of the Executive Committee. Return to Top>


a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of June.

b) Fourteen days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given by the Hon. General Secretary to all Clubs in membership.

c) The quorum shall be representatives from at least 50% of the Leagues Clubs. Any Clubs not represented shall be fined £5.00.

d) All officers shall retire from office at the Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election.

e) Nominations for all offices and elected positions on the Executive Committee shall be made at the Annual General Meeting, the election being by ballot.

f) Alterations, deletions and additions to rules may be made only at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called for that purpose. All suggested alterations, deletions and/or additions to rules must be sent to the Hon. General Secretary in writing 28 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. They shall be circulated to all Clubs, together with the annual report of the Executive Committee, with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting. No other alterations or amendments in principle to the rules will be accepted, except that, with the consent of the Chairman, a different form of words to clarify the rule or the amendment may be allowed.

g) Only a Club's nominated representative may vote at any General Meeting and the voting shall be on the basis of 1 vote for 1 team; 2 votes for 2, 3 or 4 teams; 3 votes for 5, 6 or 7 teams; and 4 votes for Clubs which had 8 or more teams in the League in the previous season; only registered members and players may hold office or be nominated for any of the elected positions on the Committees.

h) An auditor/s shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

i) Fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting the Hon. Treasurer shall provide for consideration of the members, a Balance Sheet, duly audited.

j) Where possible, 8 weeks preliminary notice of the Annual General Meeting, together with a reminder of the closing date for amendments to rule, shall be given to all Clubs in membership. Return to Top>


a) A Special General Meeting shall be held as and when deemed desirable by the Executive Committee or on the request of 12 registered players or members giving notice in writing to the Hon. General Secretary. This notice is to state the reason for the calling of such a meeting and the meeting must then be called within 14 days of the Hon. General Secretary receiving such notice.

b) Seven days notice shall be given by the Hon. General Secretary to all Clubs in membership.

c) The quorum shall be the same as for the Annual General Meeting and there shall be the same fine for non-attendance. Return to Top>


a) Application for membership of the League shall be made by printed entry form, the filling in of which renders the Club liable for all League fees. New entries must be made by July 1st. After approval of the Executive Committee, the Club shall pay the following fees:

1) A deposit of £ 10.00 which is returnable at the end of the season provided the Club has fulfilled all its obligations to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee.

2) An annual Registration Fee of £10.00 for each team.

b) Entry forms for the next season must be received by the Hon. General Secretary no later than the 1st July. Later entries may not be accepted or alternatively placed in a lower division than is their right based on the results of the previous season.

c) Each team shall fix a night for its home matches and the night must be notified to the Hon. General Secretary.

d) Clubs in arrears in their payment of League fees, deposit or outstanding fines on September 30th shall be fined £10.00 and shall be fined an additional £10 for each subsequent month they remain in arrears. The Committee may suspend any Club still in arrears as at December 31stReturn to Top>


On initial entry and at any time during the playing season the Clubrooms and tables may be inspected by the League Officials to see if they comply with the following requirements:

a) In all divisions there shall not be less than two 150 watt lamps, adequately shaded, suspended at least 5 feet and not more than 7 feet above the table.

b) Premier Division: A clear playing area of 25ft by 15ft as a minimum. First Divi­sion: A clear playing area of 25ft by 14ft as a minimum. Second and other Divisions: A clear playing area of 20ft by 13ft as a minimum.

c) In all Divisions the table must be level, properly marked out, and with a per­manent centre line, and up to standard requirements as to bounce of ball and in the centre of the playing area. If the above requirements are carried out the clubroom must be passed, but if not, the League Officials have power to pass, condemn or suggest alterations at their option.
All Clubs entering into membership will be placed in a division whose requirements can be complied with. Clubs earning promotion may only go up if their room com­plies with the requirements of the higher division.

d) The blade, any layer within the blade and any layer of covering material or ad­hesive shall be continuous and of even thickness.
The surface of the covering material on a side of the blade, or of a side of the blade if it is left uncovered, shall be matt, bright red on one side and black on the other; any trimming round the edge of the blade shall be matt and no part of it shall be white. Slight deviations from continuity of surface or uniformity of colour due to acciden­tal damage, wear or fading may be allowed provided that they do not significantly change the characteristics of the surface. Return to Top>


a) When a Club in membership changes its Secretary, or when a Club Secretary changes his address, it shall be their responsibility to notify the Hon. General Sec­retary, in writing, within three days of the change.

b) When after the fixtures have been printed, it is found necessary for a team or teams to alter their match night, it shall be the responsibility of the Club Secretary to notify, by pro-forma (to be obtained from the League Secretary), all visiting clubs that the change will affect. Club Secretaries receiving such notification must return the tear-off slip within seven days. Failure to do so will be considered a legitimate reason for claiming the match points. Return to Top>


a) Clubs shall register their players on the block registration form supplied by the League. If the Executive Committee decides a player has been registered incorrectly it shall inform the Club involved and amend the registration form accordingly.

b) The block registration form shall be forwarded to the Hon. Registration Secretary together with a fee of £16.00 per senior signed player or £8.00 for players under 18, which includes the provision of the handbook, before the commencement of the season. The provisions of Rule 8 d) shall also apply to non-payment of Player registration fees.

c) Additional registrations should be made by letter only, to the Hon. Registration Secretary, to be received by 12 noon on the day of the player's first match. The requisite registration fee must be enclosed. Any team playing an ineligible player or unregistered player shall forfeit that player's points and be liable to a fine of £2.00.

d) The Executive Committee shall have the right to refuse a proposal for registration.

e) No registration can be affected after the 1st January, without its first being referred to the Executive Committee.

f) The registration remains effective until after the Annual General Meeting for the relevant playing season.

g) Every registered player must be affiliated to Table Tennis England as an Individual Player Member before being eligible to play in the league for the current season. Return to Top>


a) A player having signed for a Club can apply to be transferred be transferred to another Club provided both Club Secretaries agree and the subscription to the first Club has been paid. The committee reserves the right to refuse a transfer after the 1st January.

b) Failing consent of his Club Secretary the player shall have the right of appeal to the Executive Committee. Return to Top>


a) The Secretary of each Club shall list its registered players, nominating 3 or more for the team in which are to play in the coming season (i.e. 1st A, B, etc.).

b) Players should be nominated as close as possible to their normal ranking on abil­ity within the Club. Where a player is nominated for a team well below his standard (starred player) Committee sanction must be sought. A starred player is not allowed to play up for a higher team.

c) A player will not be allowed to play for a lower team than that for which he has been nominated.

d) Applications for transfer from team to team within the Club must be approved by the Registration Secretary and Executive Committee. Transfer to a lower team than that first nominated will not normally be permitted except under exceptional circumstances. If permitted, that player will not play for any other team of the same Club during the remainder of the season.

e) No player may play in teams above his nominated team more than seven times in any one season.
NOTE: If a player nominated for a D team plays 5 matches in the C team, 1 in the B team and 1 in the A team he will be deemed to have played up the permissible limit of 7 times, and the next time he plays above the D team will mean that he cannot play for the D team again in the season. Return to Top>


a) For a Match all games shall be played under Table Tennis England Rules.

b) The visiting team shall be allowed 15 minutes for practice but once the match has started no play between games shall under any circumstances be allowed. A latecomer, however, shall be allowed a brief knock before playing his first game.

c) A team shall consist of three players and play shall be in order of the scorecard, unless otherwise agreed by both captains. A 4th player may be introduced in the doubles.

d) One player of each team must be in the clubroom by 7:30pm, otherwise the Executive Committee may impose a fine not exceeding £1.00 or award the points following a written report by the opposing team. To be eligible to play the other players must arrive by 8:00pm, after which time no addition amendment or alteration to the scorecard will be allowed.

e) All matches shall commence not later than 7:45pm. The time of starting shall be recorded on the scorecard and in the event of a late start the Captains shall add a note of explanation.

f) An umpire shall be selected by the Captains, first one team then the other, alter­nate sets, and his decision shall be binding, except under appeal to the Executive Committee.

g) Any player absent WITHOUT JUST CAUSE when called upon to play shall forfeit his set. If through illness concession or any other cause a player does not complete a game, the games unplayed or uncompleted in that set and all remaining sets shall be considered lost. In the case of an accident or sudden illness during a game a player shall be allowed the time occupied by the next set to recover and resume playing,

h) No player may play in two matches in one night, even though he returns later.

i) No points shall be awarded for a win or draw. The match being decided by the proportion of sets won and lost, the divisional tables being based on sets won and lost.

j) After each match the home team shall forward the scorecard to the Hon. Divisional Scorecard Secretary immediately. Where cards have not been received within 7 days of the arranged date, no postponement having been agreed by the Fixture Secretary, the offending team will be liable to a fine of £10 and any points won may be withheld.

k) Executive Committee Members may during the season make random visits to Clubs on match nights in all Divisions to ensure that Rules are being adhered to, and that games are being played in a friendly and sporting manner. Return to Top>


a) The number of teams in any Division shall not exceed 14 from season 2003/04.

b) If the Divisions are at full strength, the top two teams from the First Division downward shall be promoted to the next higher Division, each Division will then be re-drawn to ensure that there will be no more than 14 teams in each Division for the following season as stated at rule 15 (a). Awards shall be made only to the champions and runners-up in each Division.

c) When the Divisions are not at full strength, two teams will still be promoted but teams relegated will be decided by the Executive Committee to meet the criteria as stated at rule 15 a) & b).

d) Any new team entering the League will be placed in a Division appropriate to its playing strength, when there are vacancies.

e) For the purpose of deciding positions in any Division where there is a tie in sets won and the position of any of these teams has a bearing on the winner or runner-up positions or on promotion or relegation the order shall be decided by the number of matches won, lost and drawn. If the result remains a tie then the order shall be decided by the results between the teams involved. In the event that games between the tied teams also ended in draws then the order shall be decided by a play-off between the teams under normal league rules except that there shall be no doubles match. Where walk-overs have been credited to any of the teams involved for the positions mentioned in the previous paragraph and 10 sets or less separate the positions then the Executive Committee shall review the situation of matches won, lost and drawn with and without walk-overs and, at its discretion, shall decide the final positions, including if necessary a play off between the teams involved.

f) If a team withdraws for any reason before completing their fixtures, then the result of all previous games shall be deleted from the records. Return to Top>




a) If in extreme circumstances (e.g. Clubroom facilities not available) the Captain or Secretary should immediately contact the Fixture Secretary, whose decision will be final. If a match is postponed without contacting and obtaining the agreement of the Fixtures Secretary beforehand, the team postponing the match shall be fined £20 and a deduction of 5 points. The team agreeing to such a postponement shall also be fined £10. The match will still need to be played under the normal rules concerning postponements as follows:

b) In the event of a postponement being granted the clubs concerned should endeavour to play the match at the earliest opportunity using available fixture handicap, bye or free weeks. As a last resort, Clubs will have two weeks after the final week of the season to play any authorized postponed or other outstanding matches. If scorecards for these matches have not been received by the fixture secretary by the Saturday following the two week period of grace, then unless the team who originally requested the postponement can demonstrate that they attempted to re-arrange the fixture by offering the other team two dates to play the match, they will be fined £10. In the event that the other team failed to accept one of the two dates offered, they will be fined £10.

c) Should any of these un-played matches have a significant bearing on promotion or relegation positions the committee reserve the right to determine a match score between the teams, taking into account other matches between the teams, the known playing strength of players and any other factors the Committee deem relevant. Return to Top>


All protests etc., relating to a match must be sent to the Hon. General Secretary within 10 days of the match with a deposit of £5.00 which will be returned if the protest is upheld. The Secretary of the Club protesting shall, at the same time, send a copy to the Secretary of the Club protested against. The Secretary of the Club protested against, if they so desire, must within 6 days send their reply in writing to the Hon. General Secretary. Return to Top>


The League Badges shall be awarded only to players who, having been selected and having played in Inter-League events, are considered by the Executive Committee to have earned by their play the award of the badge. The Executive Committee shall have the power to confer the badge on any person for exceptional services rendered to the League.

a) The designated Town strip with the Town Badge, if awarded, shall be worn for all representative games. Return to Top>


(a) The distinction of Honorary Life Member may be conferred for special or long service in connection with table tennis within the Blackpool and District Table Tennis League.

(b) The distinction shall be conferred only at the AGM.

(c) Candidates shall be nominated only by the Executive Committee. Any league member can put forward a candidate to be considered by the Executive Committee, which must be received in writing 28 days prior to the date of the AGM.

(d) A life member entitlements are as follows:

One (1) free adult ticket to the presentation evening and free entry to any number of events at the Blackpool Closed & Handicap Championship. Return to Top>


All persons and Clubs receiving Cups and Trophies of  the League do so on the fol­lowing conditions:

a) The Cups and Trophies cannot be won outright but shall, except as hereinafter provided, be held until the following March 31st by the recipient.

b) The recipient shall sign a receipt and an undertaking drafted by the Executive Committee to be handed over when the cup or trophy is received.

c) In the event of any Club becoming defunct the Cup or Trophy shall be returned by such Club to the Hon. General Secretary.

d) The Cup or Trophy shall not under any circumstances be taken out of Lanca­shire.

e) The holder shall keep the Cup or Trophy in clean and proper condition and shall be responsible for any damage to it.

f) The Cup or Trophy shall be returned, without any request being made by the Hon. General Secretary, by March 31st.

g) The League Trophies shall be presented as deemed desirable by the Executive Committee. Return to Top>


In the construction of these rules words importing the singular and the plural number shall respectively include the plural and the singular number; words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender. Return to Top>


a) Team knock-out competitions will be open without additional charge to all registered Clubs and players subject to the conditions laid down in the Competition rules.

b) Only registered players and affiliated members shall be allowed to play in the League Tournaments unless the Tournament is specially arranged as an open one.

c) In all knock-out competitions no player may play in more than one team in the same competition.

d) All team knockout competitions shall consist of nine single sets, all of which shall be played unless it is mutually agreed, before the match commences, to finish when a result has been obtained.

e) The "Evening Gazette" Cup (Premier Division), the "Hughes Trophy" (1st Division), the "Marsden Trophy" (2nd Division), the "Parker Trophy" (3rd Division), the "Jaques Shield" (4th Division) and the "Miller Trophy" (5th Division) shall be awarded to the winners of the respective competitions, and the Handicap Cup Competition shall be commenced by December 1st. In this team Handicap Competition four players must be nominated for each team, three only to play in each match.

f) In any Handicap Competition, the Executive Committee have the right to fix the handicap of any player or club.

1) In the event of both teams ending on exactly the same number of points at the conclusion of the match a further three games shall be played in the following sequence 3 v 3, 2 v 2, and 1 v 1. The same handicapping will apply and the cumulative scores added together to determine a winning team. In the event of a draw the teams involved shall determine another date to play the match and then consult the "Tournament secretary" for his approval.

g) After round 1 no player may take part in any team K.O. competitions unless they have played at least three matches during the current season under the jurisdiction of the League.

h) When the League Closed Championships and the Divisional Competitions are held over a period of a week, that week must be free of printed fixtures.

i) In the team knock-out competitions, the home team shall be responsible for ar­ranging matches with opponents, most games should be played in the free weeks set aside for cup games. Only in extreme circumstances should team captains ask for an extension of time. But the home team captain MUST contact the away team captain to verify the match date. In the event of no result being received by the Hon. Tournament Secretary within the time stated on the notification of the draw, one or both teams may be scratched from the competition.

j) Entry to Individual Divisional competition shall be eligible for each registered player.

1) The Individual Divisional K.O. Championships may be held at a central venue on one day, or may be played in the evenings at various venues at the Executive Committee's discretion.

2) A player can compete in their nominated Division only. A player unless starred is eligible to compete in the division of their registration. Starred players will be placed in the division akin to their ability at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

3) Where a player has exceeded the limit as set in Rule 16(e) the Executive Com­mittee shall have discretion as to the appropriate Divisional competition. (1) In all team knock-out competitions it shall be the responsibility of the winning Captain to ensure that the scorecard reaches the Tournament Secretary within 7 days of the match. Failure to comply may result in both teams being removed from the Competition and a fine of £2.00 being imposed. Return to Top>


These rules are intended to be general guidelines within which all matches can be played in a friendly and sporting manner, they are not designed to cover every even­tuality nor are they to be used to determine the finer points of the law. Any player, team or Club who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee is found to be using these rules in order to gain unfair advantage or does anything, not covered by the rules, that the committee deems reprehensible or brings the game into disrepute, will be liable to such disciplinary action as the Committee sees fit to impose. Return to Top>


Club Secretaries and players will assist in the management of the League if the following hints are observed:

a) All matters connected with the players' registrations and nominations list, contact the Hon. Registration Secretary.

b) All matters connected with postponed fixtures, results and League tables contact the Hon. Fixture Secretary.

c) All matters connected with Town Team matches contact the relevant Town Team Secretary.

d) All protests re matches to the Hon. General Secretary.

e) All matters connected with local tournaments (individual or team events) contact Hon. Tournament Secretary.

f) All matters connected with Open tournaments contact Table Tennis England and L.T.T.A. representative.

g) All matters connected with publicity contact the Hon. Press Officer.

h) All other matters and for any further information contact the Hon. General Secretary. Return to Top>